Meet The Team

Chris Little is the Founding Principal at eleV8 Builders. He has been intimately involved in the new residential construction industry for over 15 years. He is a 2nd generation homebuilder and has an extensive background in building science. Chris began his career in construction as an apprentice carpenter and superintendent for his Father’s homebuilding business. He then entered a specialized field of building diagnostics and forensics.

Throughout his career, Chris has worked closely with large national, regional production and influential high-performance homebuilders around the country. Most recently, Chris held an Executive management position with a global Fortune 100 company specifically in the building materials sector. Chris is an accomplished public speaker and recently was honored to be the keynote speaker for the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards. He has held building industry symposiums around the country and educated thousands of construction industry stakeholders on innovative strategies to improve building performance. Chris has served on numerous building industry advocacy boards and is very active with the academic community to support the development of curriculum that educates the next generation of builders and designers.

Monika Little is the Chief Financial Officer for eleV8 Builders. Ms. Little’s background is in finance with 10 years of experience in commercial real estate banking, as a Senior Vice President of Lending. Monika’s expertise is in real estate and development. She provides the structuring and sourcing of debt capital and equity.

Monika serves as President of the Central Texas chapter of the Risk Management Association, which is focused on the banking industry where she can maintain her extensive network and local banking relationships. Monika enjoys giving back to her community through volunteer work and serves on various boards and committees. Over her career, Ms. Little served on the CCIM Board and was involved in Commercial Real Estate of Women. She was the Chair of CREW Careers for The Ann Richards School, where she spent time mentoring young women and sharing what a career in banking looks like. Monika is a sought-out Expert for advisory boards, industry forums and community groups. Ms. Little received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Finance from St. Edwards University.

Key Experience Metrics:
  • Experience in financing large commercial and residential developments.
  • Managed commercial real estate loan portfolios.
  • Expert knowledge in real estate, land acquisitions and developments.
  • BBA in Finance; Frost Bank Formal Credit Training.

Sean Suris is the Vice President of Construction at elev8 Builders. Sean was drawn to the field of construction from a young age. Combining his interest in building and passion for sustainability, he started his career in the construction field with a nationally recognized green builder, and learned the intricacies of high performance building methodology from early on. Sean also understands the impact the built environment has on human health. He received his Bachelor's degree from Baylor University in Environmental Health Science, a study which focuses on identifying the relationships and risks of the physical environment on our health.

His health science background, coupled with his passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship, are in line with the core values of elev8 Builders.

Kanen Stephens

Director of Accounting

Noel McAlexandar

Senior Project Manager

Eric Castaneda

Site and Safety Manager

Jason Selgert

Project Manager

Taylor Skilton


Katherine Pickens

Project Coordinator

Austin Arnold


Phillip Perez

Project Manager

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