eleV8 Company Overview - We Design + Build

eleV8 Builders is a luxury residential design-build firm specializing in high-performance design and construction. We strive to create homes that are architecturally beautiful with intricate detailing and a focus on how the home performs. At eleV8 we apply building science methodologies, use superior building materials, and utilize best practice installation methods in order to achieve a high-performance build. Our mission is to create homes with the following attributes:  

  • Superior Indoor Air Quality and a healthy environmentfor our clients.
  • Energy Efficientthrough the use of high quality insulating materials and mechanical systems.
  • Durablewith less required maintenance.
  • Comfortablewith balanced HVAC and recirculating hot water systems.
Our projects are site specific and engage the landscape to create an enhanced experience at home. We work closely with premiere architecture firms and value a hands-on approach when consulting and overseeing projects. Our level of involvement throughout the entire process ensures the architectural design matches the budget, while delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship available. With over 25 years of combined experience within the construction industry, the team at eleV8 Builders is committed to delivering superior luxury high-performance homes.  

At eleV8 we’re certified:
We’re licensed in 6 states: