High Performance Design & Construction

1. Exploration: At eleV8 Design + Builders, the process begins with our team listening to the aspirations for the home of your dreams. We can help from site selection, development of design intent, space programming, and budgeting. We will assess the project scope, identify risks and provide a balanced perspective for design and construction.

2. Design Development: Our collaborative design approach balances the excitement of creativity with the clarity of a well-defined scope and budget. After taking the time to learn what inspires you and best suits your needs, our Design Team can begin the development of everything from floor plans to interior finish selections.

3. Planning For Success: No detail is left to chance. eleV8 Design + Builders will establish a clear path forward for construction, with a defined budget, schedule, and detailed critical path task list. The Construction Team will perform a comprehensive site inspection and evaluate all design plans as they progress. This is where the benefits of fully integrated design + build comes to life. The Design & Construction Team are in full communication throughout the entire process. For you, this means no surprises and one point of contact throughout the project.

4. Building your Dream: High Performance construction is characterized by superior design, optimized materiel selection, efficiency, expert project management, and a focus on quality. Your project is executed by a team of experienced craftsmen and trade partners who are committed to delivering the plan established during the design and planning phases. All labor, materials and trades are scheduled prior to the start of construction, which means exceptional quality is delivered within the committed budget and schedule.